A new, dark age begins

I wish I was being melodramatic, but we really are headed for dark times. The things Trump has said he will do will set back American progress by decades. And a Republican controlled congress is eager to push this extreme, alt right agenda. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come:

Abolition of abortion and Planned Parenthood. If a woman is raped – be it by a stranger or her father – she will be forced to have that baby. Religious extremists rejoice. If her life is in danger she will still be forced to have that baby, even if she dies in doing so. Hallelujah! If she somehow manages to get an abortion she will be charged with murder and put in prison, perhaps even executed for the hiring of a ‘hitman’ to perform a premeditated killing. I guess this is WWJD.

Gay marriage will be nullified and gays will be prevented from shopping at stores wherever an owner doesn’t like them. Pray away the gay will spread like the fungal infection it is, perhaps even to schools.

Schools will now teach religion in science class. I think they call those madrasa, seminary, and/or cult.

The ability for minorities to vote will be made massively harder. Jim Crow II.

Healthcare…more expensive and if you’re already sick, well, you’re screwed. Insurance companies run the show now.

An extreme theocratic Supreme Court intent on establishing Christian sharia law.

Guns. All you want. Kill anyone who looks at you funny and claim stand your ground. Just don’t kill a fetus.

Deportation squads kicking in doors in the middle of the night. Special camps set up to house 15 million people until they can be forcibly removed from the country.


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