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I am, in fact, alive

It’s been ages since I posted here which I realize is a death knell from a social media perspective. My problem is I have yet to fully embrace the whole social media…thing. The drive I have to write is focused on novels, not blog posts and tweets. I’m in no way casting aspersions on those who do write prolifically in those realms, but just as I’ve never cottoned to the taste of Brussel sprouts, I’ve yet to develop a taste for daily social media. Equally telling, I am not a connoisseur of tweets and blogs. I have no must reads be they celebrities or fellow authors. World news rows my boat. Articles on space exploration. New theories on time and the origins of the universe. History books. And sometimes…Maxim. I’m not claiming sainthood here.

Does this make me antidiluvian? Perhaps. None-the-less, I will make an effort to post a little more regularly if for no other reason than to save you from wondering if they’ll eventually find my body buried under twenty years worth of newspapers.

What a wonderful day! The election is finally over!

I suspect that whomever you voted for (if you happen to be American and eligible to vote) you share my joy and relief that the long national nightmare of a seemingly endless campaign is over. It’s my sincerest hope that reasonable politicians can now actually work together to accomplish things. I know, a long shot, but I am a dreamer.

In writing news, I will be handing in the manuscript for my next novel to my editor this month. I’m enjoying this book immensely. As much as I loved writing the Iron Elves, it’s refreshing to create an entirely new world, new characters, and push myself as a writer to try new things. It’s more work in the sense that you have to learn the new characters and the world they inhabit, but I find that part exhilarating.

I won’t give out a timetable yet, but check back once in a while because teaser material will begin to appear.

Massive, apocalyptic storm and The Walking Dead tonight

Mother nature is going a bit overboard in providing a scary background for The Walking Dead tonight. I don’t feel particularly at risk, certainly not when compared to the people living right out on the coast. I’m just a few blocks from Central Park so I don’t have to worry about flooding. I think my biggest concern will be losing power which would mean not being able to watch the show! But all kidding aside, I hope everyone who is in the path of Sandy is taking the proper precautions.

Be smart, stay safe, and if you can, watch the zombie apocalypse with a loved on curled up on the couch beside you. In lieu of that, do what I do, and make yourself a hot chocolate and a toasted crumpet with butter and cherry jam.