Any Discworld fans out there?

I can’t remember when I first discovered Terry Pratchett, or which book it was, but I was hooked from the start. From the Nac Mac Feegle to the Night Watch, I’ve loved every journey in Discworld. Knowing there will be no more stories is definitely sad, but also makes me appreciate all the books that do exist. I’ve reread most of them. Several years will go by before I come back, so that when I return to the books the stories feel like seeing an old friend. If you forced me to pick a favorite character I’d probably go with Sam Vimes although Mort/DEATH is a close second. The ensemble cast of the Watch is unparalleled which was why I was so excited when they made the TV show. Then I watched the show. Once I accepted how impossible it was to recreate the fantastical world Pratchett had created (Nobby Nobbs as just one example) I watched it on its own terms and enjoyed it.) I’ve never written fan-fiction, but if I ever do, I think I’ll start in Ankh-Morpork.

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