Any Discworld fans out there?

I can’t remember when I first discovered Terry Pratchett, or which book it was, but I was hooked from the start. From the Nac Mac Feegle to the Night Watch, I’ve loved every journey in Discworld. Knowing there will be no more stories is definitely sad, but also makes me appreciate all the books that do exist. I’ve reread most of them. Several years will go by before I come back, so that when I return to the books the stories feel like seeing an old friend. If you forced me to pick a favorite character I’d probably go with Sam Vimes although Mort/DEATH is a close second. The ensemble cast of the Watch is unparalleled which was why I was so excited when they made the TV show. Then I watched the show. Once I accepted how impossible it was to recreate the fantastical world Pratchett had created (Nobby Nobbs as just one example) I watched it on its own terms and enjoyed it.) I’ve never written fan-fiction, but if I ever do, I think I’ll start in Ankh-Morpork.

  1. Jfinn

    I have been SFF for 33 plus years of my 43 years life disc world has a special place for me because the series grew with me as a Catholic who has become more agnostic as life gone on small gods will always have a special place for me. I thought Carrot was the bees knees when I read Guards so many years ago but now it’s the later Vime centric books I return to time and time again as some comfort reading.
    As an awkward person I sympathise with Susan’s attempts to have a normal life despite herself.

    I think the the tv series are hampered by two things seen as being a very British property limits who wants to adapt and budget yes it would be difficult but after watching Sandman on Netflix a another property that was thought unfilmable has convinced me that a adaptation closer to the spirit of the originals could be done if someone had the will, love and creative freedom and of course money.

    • Chris Evans

      My favorites are anything with the Night Watch, although I really like all of them. Mort is great. Have you read the Wee Free Men? They are hilarious.

      I hear what you’re saying about it being British and therefore the budget constraints as they probably assumed it wouldn’t play as well in the US market. You do wonder how true that is? Pratchett is a New York Times bestseller so clearly his books are popular in the US. I haven’t watched Sandman (or read it for that matter) so I can’t comment. I know Alan Moore was unhappy with the adaptation of The Watchmen. I’ve always said, half-jokingly, that as long as they spell my name correctly on the check they can adapt my books however they want. Of course, when I think about it I know deep in my heart I would be crushed if they didn’t do them justice, but I also accept that an adaptation is just that, adapting to a different medium.

  2. Jfinn

    I don’t know off the top of my head but I imagine a lot of the discworld rights are tangled up with the bbc they do the radio plays, the watch was a bbc co production I think colour of magic and hog father I believe have been produced by them so it might put potential suitors off not to mention that a lot of bbc productions air in America anyway but I agree with his credentials I think they should be a lot more interest I would have thought at least a proper animated movie dream works/ Disney would have been on the horizon by now.

    I love night watch one of the most mature and sober of the discworld but also most hopeful the Tiffany aching books are great I think I prefer there depictions of granny weatherwax to her own main witches series and tying Nac Mac Feegles to the other psychotic little men who camoed in the main series over the years such as wee mad Arthur was brilliant and hilarious.


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