Wellness check and a belated Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m still here and still kicking.

You know how some people say that if social media had been around when they were teenagers they would have been all over it? Yeah, me either. My resistance to it is strong though I don’t really know why. I do view it, and hit the like button on all kinds of posts on FB, Twitter, YouTube etc., but when it comes to posting my own content I find myself at a loss for words. If/when I do post I usually just link to an article I found interesting. The fact that I view this as an issue is probably an issue (of mine). For me at least, it boils down to the idea (right or wrong) that I should be engaging with my readers. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to, but in the back of my mind the little voice says what you, the reader, wants is the next book, not an update on whether Wednesday has been renewed (it has!)

Anyway, enough of my pathology. Hope you’re all doing well and working toward a happy, healthy, and productive 2023.



  1. Andy Thompson

    Well, this is a sign, surely. I was just flicking through Kindle and saw my copy of the Iron Elves books, and I thought to myself, I wonder what Chris Evans is up to, and you’ve posted today. Time to go back to your awesome books and have another read I think, and maybe pick up Of Bone and Thunder too.

    • Chris Evans

      Hi, Andy:
      I’ve made a resolution to get a little more active on social media. It is writing after all and that’s something I do…occasionally. If you do read Of Bone and Thunder I’ll be curious to hear what you think. It’s still fantasy and military, but quite different from the Iron Elves in tone.


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