Radio and front of store

Kirsten is going to be interviewed on two national radio programs – The Story on NPR and The World on BBC Radio (or BBC World Radio…something like that.)  I know that equates to hundreds of radio stations, but the key, as always, will be in determining what kind of bump we get after the shows.  The really neat thing is that these came about through that mystical, magical stuff known as word-of-mouth.  It’s worth remembering that every interview granted, every signing attended, every reading at your local library and even every blog entry isn’t just for those in the room.  You are potentially auditioning for something else.  The bookers for one show watch the others.  Someone sees you at a local bookshop and mentions it to a friend of a friend who works at a network.  I’m not saying to rent an RV and travel the country, but when you do have the chance to talk, in whatever forum, it’s worth doing right.  You never know who’s listening…

Front of store – We’re charting trends and noticed that one chain was outperforming another.  Turns out the slower of the two had not fully implemented the front of store promotion.  The discrepancy was quite noticeable.  This is never really the call of the author, but wherever and whenever possible getting your book front of store is absolutely going to sell more copies.  Why, the consumer asks, would a book be piled six high at the front of the store unless it’s good?  Well, they ask that because they don’t know about co-op, but you do, and so will your agent. 

As for me, I continue to research the second book in the Iron Elves and revise the YA novel. 

  1. aliettedb

    I have to say learning about co-op quite deflated my illusions about the place of books in stores…

    And I hope you get a big bump after the shows 🙂


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