Meeting the nice folks at Publishers Weekly

There is a perception out there that they’re elitist, perhaps because of their location in the heart of NYC and close proximity to the big New York houses, but I found them engaging and eager to hear more about the company I work for (most certainly not a big New York house.) We talked about the fall list, promotions, articles, reviews and more. In this crowded marketplace it’s not easy to get your voice heard, so having the chance to sit down face to face with them was well worth braving the Hades-like conditions of the subway today to go downtown.

In other news I had a breakthrough on my YA novel while riding the train to Pennsylvania earlier this week. In fact, enough synapses fired that I found myself jotting down notes for both it and the second book in the Iron Elves series. It was a productive few hours.

  1. rhonawestbrook


    I think it is beyond cool that you got to meet those people!

    I might worship them a tiny bit…..okay……ALOT!

    And breakthroughs ROCK!

    Had one myself last night and I LOF’s em.

  2. arcticghost

    Most excellent, I’m glad you had such a good interview! Though, that subway ride…sounds nasty. Now, to actually get to read your interview this time…


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