Discovering New York a bit at a time

I ran the full loop yesterday in Central Park which is six miles (well, I ran most of it and walked the rest when I thought a lung or other organ was about to be expelled.) I took a detour at the northwest corner to check out the neighborhood. Central Park West (the street that parallels the west side of the park) is not the same from Columbus Circle to 110th street. I then ran a few of the paths that wind their way through the north end before getting back on the road loop. Should you ever visit Manhattan and choose to run or stroll through the park keep in mind this is a big city so exercise common sense, especially as it gets dark. In fact, I think the park technically closes at 1am.

Later in the day I went into the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle for the first time and was blown away. The sheer volume and selection from around the world is absolutely astounding! Should you visit the city and are looking for a few less obvious places to check out I’d recommend the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle (the southwest corner of Central Park.) The center has a lot of great shops including Whole Foods and Borders, and it’s also a great place to get a pedi-cab or horse carriage tour of the park as well as a free concert by enterprising musicians and dancers. You’ll also find a variety of stalls selling everything from paintings to jewelry to souvenirs. And odds are that you’re liable to walk through the shot of a film crew if you hang around long enough (and maybe get 20 bucks to leave and quit causing a disturbance so that they can finish their shot…or so I hear.)

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