Something writers probably shouldn’t do

I probably see anywhere from 30 to 75 submissions a month depending on the state of the moon. Like most editors I end up rejecting about 99% of the submissions. 99% of those authors/agents accept that and move on. Then there is that 1%. These folks are the ones that know deep in their hearts that they have a hit on their hands and won’t take no for an answer. Surely, if I would just look at it again I would realize how brilliant the book is.

Hasn’t happened yet.

If an editor doesn’t get how great your book is, then this editor isn’t for you. And if you, as the writer, believe in your work (and you bloody well should,) don’t waste time with an editor who doesn’t. Go submit it to a more receptive editor. Editors are people…more or less…and we are as fickle and subjective as the rest of the population. We also get paid by going with our gut instinct. So if an editor passes, the best you can probably hope for is his or her reasoning, but even then it may not tell you anything beyond why that one individual on a planet of over 6 billion didn’t want to publish your book.

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