ARC-RV tour getting ready to hit the road again

For the last several days my parents have been camped out in Indiana looking at new trailers. After much debate they have purchased a new one. I jokingly suggested they get huge panels put on the side with my book cover and my dad thought it was a great idea. My mom, not so much.

I completed my first interview last night. When it shows up on the web I’ll note the website. The questions were indepth and definitely required some thought.

More ComicCon – While at the show I also bumped into a lot of folks from Del Rey where I first started out, including my first boss, Steve Saffel, Kathleen O’Shea (who happens to be married to author Peter David) as well as being a master puppet-maker, her daughter Ariel (did I spell that right?), Betsy Mitchell, Keith Clayton, Chris Schluep and Bill Takes. I also reconnected with Caron Harris in production. Over at Pocket there was Anthony Ziccardi, Dep Publisher, Ed Schlesinger, my editor, Melissa Gramstad, my publicist, Marco Palmieri, another editor, and other folks that sadly I have forgotten their names at the moment! I’m probably forgetting even more. All in all Comic Con was a terrific experience. At the moment I don’t think I’m going to the one in San Diego, but that could change. I will be at BEA in LA the end of May, although I don’t know if I’ll be doing a signing or what. My primary purpose out there is to represent Stackpole Books in my editorial capacity.

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