I used to think being a full time writer was the ultimate goal…

With each passing day I grow increasingly grateful that I have a full time job, and one that is intellectually demanding. A Darkness Forged in Fire hits the stores in three and a half weeks and I should, by rights, be a bundle of nerves and in need of sedation…more so than usual. The beauty of it is, though, is that I can’t afford to dwell on it. I have a never ending pile of mss to read and a thousand other things that make my job as an editor incredibly fulfilling. It also saves me from obsessing about the book launch. I just don’t have the time or energy to spend worrying about what’s going to happen, and that’s a wonderful thing. Worrying gets you nowhere fast anyway. What ‘free time’ I do have goes into writing the next book, running, exploring a little more of New York and trying – valiantly if not brilliantly – to date in this city. I try to save my worrying for the really important stuff, like should I order the Nabeyaki Udon or the Lobster Itokanyaki for dinner?

Now that I think about it more, I’ll just order a pizza. Who needs the worry?

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