My Blackberry scares me

I just got one last week and the bloody thing has managed to startle me about ten times already. The main problem, and it’s one of my own making, is the ring tone. I chose the sonar ping, and set the volume for loud. When you’re out walking on the street you can barely hear it, but when someone calls me when I’m at home I’d swear there was a destroyer twenty feet above me about to drop a depth charge! Still, despite the intermittent cardiac events I love it.

    • Anonymous

      I had Roxanne by the Police on my last cell phone, which can be startling in its own right when you’re not expecting it, but the ping is piercing. Imagine if it went off while going through a metal detector!



      • jodi_davis

        I had it go off as my purse was going through the x-ray. The guy jumped and then said to the other TSA guy, “I hate that ring, it always freaks me out.”

        So at least they didn’t blow up my purse and had some experience with the tone.


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