My book is, and isn’t, on sale…sort of

The official onsale date for A Darkness Forged in Fire in both the US and Canada remains Tuesday, July 8, but the computers have other ideas (maybe this is how Skynet got started). Books are usually printed weeks in advance of their pub date then shipped to the publisher’s warehouse then on to the accounts. I say usually because most books are not embargoed, requiring heightened levels of security including a very late print date sometimes followed by shipping straight to the accounts from the printer, and all under threat of legal repercussions if the book is offered for sale earlier than the designated pub date. No, most books simply have the title and pub date printed on the side of the box which, combined with what the computer says, offers guidance on when to place the book on the shelves.

As it happens, some systems are already indicating my novel is in stock and available. So…hurray 🙂 My book is sort of on sale 🙂

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      If you do happen to see it in a store anywhere please do let me know. As a first-timer I’ll take all the exposure I can get…um, perhaps I should rephrase that…nope, that’s what I meant 🙂




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