New in the world of A Darkness Forged in Fire

In a few days I’ll be able to announce a very cool development, but in the meantime I have a few I’m happy to pass along now.

Actually, this first one you’ve already heard about, but I have more details. I’ll be signing on Friday, July 25th at ComicCon at the Mysterious Galaxy booth along with several other writers. You can get more information here.

They gave me a great review and have been very supportive which is much appreciated. I’ll also be on at least one panel, though the time and topic has not yet been confirmed.

There are also some free giveaways of A Darkness Forged in Fire, both of the ARC and signed 1st edition, going on out in www land. Please check out Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and Fantasy Book Critic for more details on how you can win.

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