The hills were alive with the sound of sweating…wait, is that right?

It is perhaps best not to look too deeply into the shadows of one’s soul lest you find things there better left unrevealed. I, as it turns out, enjoy pain. Well, in the context of training for running. Last night we did more hill work. Up/down, up/down, up/down with some pushups between runs just for fun…yippee. The strange thing was, I loved going uphill, and wasn’t as fond of coming back down. You can really power your way up the hill, grunting and pumping your arms and taking longer strides. Downhill though, feels like a bus about to lose its brakes in the Alps. Clearly, I need to work on my downhill technique.

Later today I’ll be talking with the narrator, Michael Kramer, for A Darkness Forged in Fire. We’re going to go over the pronunciation of some names. I can’t recall if I mentioned this before, but he’s also narrated Robert Jordan’s series. I wouldn’t mind if a little of that success rubbed off! I think the audio comes out mid August and I’m excited to hear my story read by someone else.

Big thanks to the marketing folks at Pocket for the ad in the July issue of Locus. My first reaction on seeing it was “Oooooooooooo, color.” 🙂

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