The runner’s dilema, or no, I did not pee in my shorts!

If you run any kind of distance in the summer, or just sweat profusely, you know what I’m talking about. I was out doing a loop this morning in Central Park and it was hot and humid. Naturally, I started to sweat. Well, the sweat had to go somewhere, and in a truly horrifying nexus of human anatomy, particle physics, and poorly designed running gear, it seems every blasted drop of sweat pooled down the front and back of my shorts. The only real cure is to keep running until your shorts are totally soaked, but I swear these things only show water in the most embarrassing places. Maybe if I buy vertically stripped shorts or really long shirts…

  1. kirstenah



    Seriously. There I was at a couple’s house–they are going to redesign my website. Very professional meeting. In the course of this very serious and professional meeting, I told them that I wanted to change my blog on my website to make it more interactive. And I said, let’s check out my editor’s blog. So we go to your blog and the headline is … no, I did not pee in my shorts. OMG. Is this what fantasy writers write about? Have you totally lost it?

    Oh brother!

    • admin

      Re: Seriously

      Professional editor by day, perspiring runner by, um, day as well.

      Authors can be so mean 🙂


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