Gorgeous day in the city

The weather has been spectacular today. I hit the park around 8ish this morning and put in 5 miles. The breezes were incredible. What a change from just a few weeks ago. It was one of those mornings when you feel like you could run another 50 miles, even if your body is telling your brain “yeah, buddy, you just have to sit their while we do all the work.”

The writing goes well for The Light of Burning Shadows. I typically don’t write the beginning of anything I do until I have the conclusion firmly in my mind. Now that it’s come into focus the start of the book is beginning to gel. I think I’ve even settled on the epigraph, though I’ll hold off on a final decision until I’ve lived with it for a few weeks. For the longest time I was set on a TE Lawrence quote, but now I’m leaning a different way, definitely darker, but also more poetic (which is saying something when comparing to Lawrence). I’ll be curious to see if Americans are familiar with it.

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