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I was in Pennsylvania the last few days and went on a twelve mile hike with members of the Sierra Club in R.B. Winters Park. The weather was ideal and the hike spectacular. The route was rocky which meant I spent more time looking down than up, but when I could take my eyes off the path there was nothing but wonderful nature. A very refreshing change from the concrete of New York. The best part, however, was that I was able to take mental notes as I walked. A few scenes in the current book became much clearer.

  1. lanyn

    That sounds beautiful. Were the fall colors starting? I just got back from Vancouver Island and hiking in those lush (and rainy) woods. I was thinking similar thoughts, of how relaxing and green it was compared to brown and concrete Los Angeles.

    • admin

      The trees were just starting to turn, so there were a few brilliant splashes of color among a still mostly green backdrop. Sounds like you had a wonderful hike yourself.




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