The writing engine

Lately my life has become more interesting as it’s gotten progressively busier. Life as an editor remains gratifyingly challenging, especially in this current economic nightmare. I work with some truly exceptional authors and I am constantly in awe of the work they produce. Two of my newest books to hit the shelves are Armored Thunderbolt by Steve Zaloga and The Gettysburg Companion by Mark Adkin. If you’re at all interested in WWII or the Civil War you’ll want to check those out. Add to them the very recent works of Charles Jones, David Danelo, Kirsten Holmstedt, Col. Dominic Caraccilo, Lt.Col. Andrea Thompson, and George Bradford and I’m definitely over the moon with what they’re accomplishing. I joined a gym and am now going there regularly, still running, and (hopefully without jinxing it) dating. I’ve even cleaned my apartment. And all of it, or at least my perception of all it, flows from my writing which is going very well these days. Not that I can’t edit or run or date when I’m not writing, but it just seems that when the story is moving well so am I.

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