Maps and cover

There is now a map to the world of the Iron Elves. Actually, there always was, but it was only used by me to help keep things straight. Naturally, more than a few readers suggested they could use the same help, so both the mass market edition of A Darkness Forged in Fire and the hardcover of The Light of Burning Shadows will feature a map. I also plan to post it to my website in the next month as will be getting a complete overhaul.

I’ve seen the latest draft of the cover for Light and it’s looking…hot 🙂 I imagine it will pop up on Amazon or the S&S site first, but as soon as it’s final I’ll post it. Same goes for the UK paperback edition of Darkness which is the one that features Konowa on the cover.

In other news, it’s beautiful here in New York City today and I’m heading out for a run in the park.

  1. bonniers

    Oooh, that’s exciting. I could figure out most of it eventually but a map would have been very helpful.

    And the covers sound way cool! Can’t wait to see them.

    • admin

      Yes, I got a lot of comments about that, so under the category of “better late than never” this world will have an ever expanding map as the series progresses.

      I’m really excited to share this next cover with everyone. I think they’ve done a superb job on it just as they did with the first one.


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