6, some ribs, and 3.5 miles relatively pain free

There is a rib joint in Macon, Georgia called Sticky Fingers that makes a mean dead pig, or possibly cow (I didn’t get the specifics). My parents assured me, however, that they washed their hands before going into any bookstores (you’d be surprised at the condition of some of the returned books we get in our warehouse…or maybe you wouldn’t if you’re one of those coffee sipping, muffin eating, gum chewing types or worse, a page corner folder) but I digress. The south was charming as two northerners and their RV marched across Dixie. Thanks today go to:

Betty at BAM in Savannah; Community Relations Manager David Hill at B&N in Savannah; Katie at B&N in Macon; Assistant Store Manager Maureen and Bookseller Victor at B&N in Atlanta (3685 Marketplace Blvd); Bookseller Amber and Merchandising Manager Yem at B&N in Atlanta (2952 Cobb Pkwy); Mark Porter Bookseller and Manager Lee Yeager at Borders in Kennesaw 605 Ernest W Barrett Parkway NW)

In running news, I did manage a decent run on the treadmill today without appearing to aggravate my shin splints. I’m working in a new pair of shoes and they, along with heavy icing and liberal quantities of NSAIDs seem to be helping. Of course, I’m not out pounding the pavement yet which will be the real test.

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, there, stranger…

    Cows tend to be black, brown, white, sometimes reddish, and frequently a mix of those colours. Pigs are often pinkish and covered in mud.
    Have you seen Die Hard? Bruce Willis’s character is told to take off his shoes and make fists with his toes to ease his stress. This can sometimes work to ease shin splints too. Stand at the edge of a towel (or rug), and use your toes to scrunch the whole thing up towards you. Repeat several times per day. Just don’t get attacked by terrorists while doing this.

    • admin

      Re: Hey, there, stranger…

      Howdy. Ahh, I see what you’re getting at, but I don’t subscribe to the racial profiling of lunch entrees 🙂

      I remember that about Die Hard. A physical trainer friend of mine suggested the same thing with the towel so I really should give that a try. If terrorists do attack I’ll be ready with my “Yippee ki yay, motherf******”.


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