The RV Tour pulls in for repairs, but not before visiting 6 more stores

I don’t have the complete list, but apparently the shower door shook loose over a rough patch of road, and there are a few other things that need work, so my parents have pulled into an RV repair shop in Indiana for some scheduled maintenance. I’m sure it’s probably evident, but I love my parents to bits for all the love and support they give me. They’ve always encouraged me to follow my dreams, but I doubt they thought they’d be the ones driving the RV to help me get there 🙂

Might sound like a broken record, but my folks met another group of friendly booksellers who took the time to talk. My appreciation continues to grow, and today I’d like to thank the following:

Store Manager Heidi Goodpaster and bookseller Bob at B&N in Indianapolis (3748 East 82nd Street) and the two other B&Ns they’re going to give books to; Operations Manager Jacqueline Finney at Borders in Indianapolis (6020 East 82nd street); Sales Area Rep Peter Jansen at Borders in Indianapolis (8675 River Crossing Blvd); Assistant Manager Jim at B&N in Fort Wayne (4140 West Jefferson Blvd); Department Manager Rebecca Green and Bookseller Kelly at B&N in Fort Wayne (4201 Coldwater Road); General Manager Nancy Alexander at Borders in Fort Wayne (4320 Coldwater Road)

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