Dad eyes a new rig for the 2010 RV Tour

Mom is actually okay with this, she thinks it looks “safe and nice and high up with lots of visibility” but is hoping they have it in white, or maybe champagne.

Having spent a few days in Belleville, ON visiting my brother, my folks are now barn-storming across southern Ontario. Dad is having so much fun he’s starting to eye other provinces while mom is, well, becoming increasingly proud that one of her sons isn’t an author.

Thanks today to the following very nice staff that took time out of their days to meet and chat with my parents. There’s even a couple of photos of places they visited (see below):

Carole Walsh and Patricia at Greenley’s Bookstore in Belleville; Jane at the Belleville Public Library; Tara, Darren and John at Chapters in Belleville; Customer Experience Manager Megan Smith at Chapters in Kingston; Oscar Malan and Aislinn at Novel Idea Kingston; Steven at Indigo in Kingston

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