Me before seeing the orthopedic surgeon:

Me after seeing the orthopedic surgeon:

The good news is I won’t have to be put down. My days of running the Preakness, however, are over. Nope, it’s out to stud for me…

The really crazy thing is I potentially have stress fractures in both legs, but as the left one is worse that gets the boot, although I can switch over to the right if it starts to hurt more. I’m actually relieved that they’re getting to the bottom of what’s going on. I love running and don’t want to lose it. Next up are some NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) MRI scans and no running at all. The doctor was very adamant about that and I know why. My brain is already craving the endorphins from going out on a run and the need is trying to overwhelm my logic.

The part that’s a little freaky, though, is that Private Alwyn Renwar lost his left leg in book one. I wonder if my subconscious was channeling that?

And I have some really spectacular news I want to share with everyone, but I’ll save that for tomorrow and just wallow in my pain and misery tonight 🙂

    • admin

      This very afternoon at lunch. I went in a man and came out a Terminator…well, not really, but it the boot does look cool. Stairs are definitely a challenge with this thing on. The ankle doesn’t really bend when you wear this.

      • arcticghost

        Wow, you can certainly do some Terminator ass-kicking in that … only remember to curl your toes 😀 But yeah, I bet the stairs are a challenge and thumping down the hall, they can hear you coming. Looks like ouch too, but I hope it helps you heal up better and faster!

  1. lanyn

    Ouch! That does not look fun. Heal up well so you can keep jogging after it’s better!

    And yay for spectacular news even if you won’t share until tomorrow! 😀

    • admin

      Thanks. I knew there was some damage, but I didn’t realize it was as severe as it apparently is. I grew up playing hockey so I think I’ve come to view pain as just part of any sport…I know, not very bright.

      I just posted about my good news. What I really like about the Waterstones pick is that it’s done the good old fashioned way of a majority vote. And that they’ll be promoting my book in their stores across the UK 🙂


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