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After spending a terrific weekend in Syracuse, NY, with my girlfriend and her daughter(I need to update my website’s bio!) I came home to what turned out to be icing on the cake. The hard working folks at Simon & Schuster’s subrights department and specifically Lisa Keim have done it again. The Iron Elves trilogy has just been sold to Blanvalet, a division of RHGermany. I’ve almost got the complete UN security council at this point with the US, UK, Russia, and France, with Japan too and only China as a holdout 🙂 (And yes, I know Germany and Japan aren’t part of the permanent SC). Oh, and to add just that extra bit of sunshine, Tantor Audio have picked up The Light of Burning Shadows to come out this year.

Thank you all!

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      We checked out the mammoth mall and saw Up! in 3D there, oh, and had dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse. Am I right that the mall is destined to become the largest in the world?


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