And here are the winners plus more contests to enter and win

Update August 18, 2009

At the moment there are no contests running, but another one might pop up at which point I’ll make an announcement. Sorry for the teaser, the banner will disappear shortly…or a new contest will start.



So call me a softy, but I decided to add a few extra books so there are five winners tonight. Thanks to everyone who entered. For those who didn’t win a book there are several other contests out there where you can still enter and hopefully win a copy. I’ll list the ones I know of after the list of winners:

Oneika Vega-Phelps wins both hardcovers

Lincoln Law wins both hardcovers

Gordon Hill wins a copy of The Light of Burning Shadows

Veronica (USA) wins a copy of The Light of Burning Shadows

Heidi Weiler (USA) wins a copy of The Light of Burning Shadows

Congratulations! Please email me at with your full mailing address and how you’d like the books dedicated.

Now, here are some more contests:

10 copies of The Light of Burning Shadows at (ends July 30 so sign up quick!)

1 copy each at the Mad Hatter at (closes August 4)
You can also read an interview I did with the Mad Hatter here:

5 copies at Grasping For The Wind (closes August 4)

2 copies at Drey’s Library (closes August 5)

If I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll update this. Plus, thanks to the many blogs that have already held contests!

I’ve noticed that several blogs and websites out there are running contests giving away copies of my new book and it occurred to me that as the author I should probably do something myself. Yeah, I know, I’m a marketing whiz 🙂 First, let me say a huge thanks to the publicity and marketing folks at S&S and Sneak Attack Media for all the outreach they’ve done to get Burning Shadows noticed, and an equally big thanks to the many bloggers and sites who have graciously agreed to host various contests, interviews, and reviews of my book.

So, here’s the deal. I’ve got two signed sets (hardcover) of A Darkness Forged in Fire and The Light of Burning Shadows to give away. I’ll mail them anywhere, so it’s open to the world. Please respond directly to this post with your name and country (don’t put your personal address, just your country for now). I’ll write down all the names and put them in a hat and then draw out the two winners on Tuesday, July 28 when the book officially goes on sale in North America. One entry per person and all that legalese 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    Woo Hoo! I just missed the deadline to be on you blog tour, so I’d love to win these.

    Blogging as Beth Fish (USA)

    • admin

      Re: Book Giveaway

      You did, so email me with your full name and mailing address so I can send the book.



  2. Anonymous

    Book contest

    I’ve just started reading A Darkness Forged in Fire – very promising from the first couple fo chapters – so sogn me up for the contest !

    Graham Howe – Canada – BC to be precise.

  3. Anonymous

    Iron elves Contest

    I enjoyed the first book.


    Robert Siegel
    United States

  4. acenomad

    Upgrading my review !

    OK – I’m now halfway through and I’m moving from “promising” to innovative and excellent. I think we have a universe here with real potential, moving the usual fantasy stereotypes forward and facing some interesting questions – I like the interchange on page 183 – opposites exist everywhere – some nice tensions building up.

    For me, Yimt is a good example of taking the genre in a new direction – he’s a classic drunken, rock chewing dwarf but living in a napoleonic army – fun.

    Thanks Chris – this is a really enjoyable book and a refreshing change from others in the genre.

    Graham from BC

    • admin

      Re: Upgrading my review !

      Hi, Graham:

      That’s very kind of you to say, thank you. Most days Yimt is my favorite character to write. I love thinking up his unique “theories” on politics and life.



  5. gilly24

    gordon again

    its gordon hill here.sorry thought if i made a profile it wid be easier to contact me etc so Gordon Hill, Scotland. u can delete the other one :L:L:L 😀

  6. Anonymous

    Just finished the 2nd book!

    I work in a book store, so got a sneak peak at book 2 – and loved it! Would love to have signed copies for my shelf!
    Lisa – Canada

  7. Anonymous


    Lincoln Law

    I’ve got my fingers crossed a million times over.

  8. Anonymous

    free stuff!

    Chris Long

    Really enjoyed Darkness and very much looking forward to the new one 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Want those signed books

    Can not wait to read The Light Of The Burning Shadows!

    Jeff R

  10. Anonymous

    your books

    i love reading your books. they caught my eyes very fast. faster then most books. i read books over again if i like them and boy do i like them. i hope more come out so i can keep reading your books they are so good bye for now.

    • admin

      Re: your books

      That’s very nice to hear, thanks. The third book in the series is due out next summer.




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