The Girls Come Marching Home by Kirsten Holmstedt on sale today

I’m often asked what I’m working on as an editor, and today I get to share the launch of a new book by one of my authors. I’m extremely proud of the book and of Kirsten.

They may have left the war, but the war will never leave them . . .

While writing her first book, Band of Sisters, which told the amazing true stories of women on the battlefield, Kirsten Holmstedt developed an unrivaled relationship with female service members. Now she follows America’s women warriors as they come home from Iraq and explores the other side of war – its painful aftermath, including post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, physical wounds, and other challenges.

At turns heartbreaking and infuriating, The Girls Come Marching Home covers a compelling assortment of fighting women with a broad range of experiences and backgrounds. Kirsten tackles controversial issues head-on, from racism, sexual harassment, and drugs to the difficulties of getting treatment from the Veterans Administration. Capturing these women’s unique voices, Kirsten lets them speak for themselves about their trials and tribulations, their hopes and dreams, their frustrations and achievements. Even as the Iraq War dies down, these stories will resonate for years to come.

You can find out more at:

If you’ve read my first book then take a look at this you’ll see where I get some of my inspiration. These women are exceptional in that they’re ordinary warriors doing extraordinary things. This is as real, raw, and fiercely honest as it gets.



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