I need one of those slow moving vehicle signs…

…to tape to my back because I FINALLY got the green light to start running again yesterday. I truly don’t know which was worse – the pain of the injuries or the excruciating waiting for them to heal. Now my biggest challenge is to start out slow and easy. I really don’t do slow and easy. I think I suffer from restless spirit syndrome. I’m fidgeting as I write this. The strange paradox is, however, that I sometimes also procrastinate.

I did ask the doctor about the Nike 10k race coming up the end of October and it looks like I’ll be cleared for that as long as I stay healthy. So something to look forward to. And in my immediate future I’m having breakfast with a friend which is a very nice way to start a Friday, especially this Friday.

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      Thanks. I started out slow and went to the gym and hit the treadmill. I went a little bit further than I intended, but I kept the pace low…for most of it. Sigh, this going slow is just so frustrating!


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