Warning, this is about health care, and very funny

As a Canadian – Mounties, polar bears, maple syrup, hockey – I grew up with universal health care or socialized medicine. Somehow, I survived, and keep in mind, I wasn’t that good of a hockey player (broken tailbone, broken jaw, cracked rib, torn knee ligaments and that was just sitting on the bench). So I’ve been amazed at the vehemence leveled against the public option here in the US. Then I saw this video and it changed everything…

  1. Anonymous

    This really made me think

    Thank you Mr. Evans for getting this important message out to those of us that have obviously been on the wrong side of this debate. You have shown me the truth with this add.

    Okay, this was made me laugh, I think it was on the news or something, because my mom saw it and she is not an internet person.
    Thank you I needed that.


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