Tea that should have tasted good

I’m a coffee drinker for the most part, but I grew up drinking tea. My mother got me on to it as a kid and I find I always reach for a hot tea whenever I’m not feeling well or just want something soothing and not as aggressive as coffee. Last weekend I found a tea that I thought would fit the bill – apple cinnamon. I mean, it’s got apples and cinnamon in it! That’s like one of the greatest duos in history. Sadly, when mixed with black tea leaves the partnership just doesn’t work. It’s like this confused hot mess of cider, tea, and liquid apple pie. Sounds like it should work, but it doesn’t (er, maybe it doesn’t sound like it should work now that I think about it more, but in the store the thought of liquid apple pie seemed appealing). On the other hand, a friend put me on to almond tea which has no actually tea leaves in it and hence, no caffeine, and wow, she knew what she was talking about. Almond tea is amazing. The kicker, however, is that while you can find apple cinnamon tea, the almond tea appears to have been discontinued.

  1. pinkgalagirl

    I’ve never liked coffee- can’t even stand the smell most of the time. And I never used to like tea either, not even iced tea. But then my college roommate introduced me to peppermint tea. It’s an herbal tea like the almond tea and is just peppermint leaves. The added bonus is that mint aids in digestion, so it’s good to drink when you have an upset stomach. Since then, I’ve also gotten other assorted herbal teas, and they’re pretty good. The one exception for me is that I didn’t like Chamomile tea. It kind of looked like pee and tasted not a whole lot better to me.
    I’ll have to check out almond tea if I can find it though- it sounds good!

    I did a search: Celestial Seasonings has an herbal almond tea- http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/detail.html/special-occasion-teas/almond-sunset

    And at http://www.adagio.com/flavors/almond.html?gclid=CKT6t8Kqi54CFcNx5QodVxUloA, there is an almond flavored black tea.

    What brand was the almond tea you tried?

    • admin

      That’s exactly it, the Celestial Seasonings one! That’s the tea (although is it really tea when it doesn’t actually have any tea leaves in it?) What’s great about their version is it has no caffeine at all. I found out that even decaffeinated tea still has traces of caffeine.

      I’ve tried their site, but no luck. I’ve scoured a good chunk of New York City, too, so far. I’m branching out onto the web in search now.

      Thanks for looking!


  2. lanyn

    I’ll keep my eye out for almond tea. I’ve never heard of it, and it sounds really delicious. I drink tea all the time, but usually black tea. Every now and then, particularly when I’m under the weather, I just crave something hot, but not-tea. This sounds like it would fit the bill. If it’s available.


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