Cool bookcases

I have a large group of matching, heavy duty bookcases along with several others that I’ve accumulated over the years, but none exhibit the funk factor of these ones. I’m slightly envious, but as I only have a one bedroom apartment I don’t really have the space to indulge. One day, however…

The staircase bookcase is a bit freaky. I love the Cave and the figure 8.

  1. arcticghost

    I like the staircase bookcase, especially if it lead to a library, and it looks like it holds one heck of a lot of books. Not sure about the notched steps, could be dangerous, but overall it’s rather cool. The cave the figure 8 are great too…oh, and Autumn 🙂

  2. matthew_j_reed

    I liked infinity the most. I do care as much about the bookcase as I do the books themselves which some of the cases seem to be bad for the condition of the books.


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