The Hobbit movie news and back in the Big and Frosty Apple

If you’re eagerly awaiting the film adaption of the Hobbit then you’ll be happy to know it remains on schedule according to producer Peter Jackson. Casting has begun and filming should begin this summer. Here’s a link to an interview Jackson gave last week:

In other news, I’m back from Florida and it’s freezing here in New York City! My blood must have thinned out a bit in the sunny south. I need to re-acclimatize myself quick because I want to get back out running, but I think if I went today I probably wouldn’t get past the first coffee shop.

  1. jongibbs

    I’m looking forward to The Hobbit, but much as I loved LOTR, I hope they’re not going to cast Frodo or any of his fellow halfling in ‘guest’ roles.


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