Cleaning up loose ends

Are you good at that? I’m hit and miss with it though I am working to get better. Everything from finishing off the salad in the fridge before it goes bad (I read a report that on average people end up throwing out 12% of the food they bring home) to killing off small tasks and errands instead of letting them pile up to the point of feeling overwhelmed by them. The really amazing thing that’s dawning on me is the sense of satisfaction I get by accomplishing these little tasks. I think it’s as much that I got it done to the fact that now that it’s done I can cross it off and it’s one less thing to worry about. I’m applying that to my writing more, too. When a scene I just know has to be in the book pops into my head I write it down, even if it is going to occur several chapters ahead of where I currently am. It makes for a bit of a chaotic writing process, but it works for me, or, I make it work for me if that makes sense.

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