Do the sum of your parts add up to more than the whole?

I’ve always been introspective, but lately I’ve been working to go beyond simply dissecting my life and why I live it the way I do and instead trying to craft some meaning and purpose into it. It’s actually mirroring what’s been going on with my main character. For the first two books Konowa has essentially been a slave to his emotions. He reacts to external forces and they, not Konowa, dictate his responses. Now as the trilogy reaches its climax he’s finding out who he is and choosing how he responds. What I can’t tell is if my character is inspiring me, or I’m inspiring my character (and yes, I’m aware that only one of us is really real…uh, me, right?) Whichever way the energy is flowing it’s working for both of us.

In other news I do not hear voices and twin ghost girls are not appearing down the hall. I am a little concerned, however, with the red paint in the elevator…

  1. dadiceguy

    When I was first out of high school the security company I worked for guarded an old hotel in downtown Lansing which was the Travel Lodge. It originally was the Hotel Olds and at one point was THE hotel to stay at. The old penthouse was the only part that hadnt been remodeled (other than the lobby) and it always gave me that “Shining” feeling when I had to go up there at night.


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