The first step is admitting you have a problem

Now that my Blackberry is part of my DNA and seemingly as essential as breathing, it occurs to me that that may not be entirely healthy. I NEED to be connected, and that’s scary. The times when I am without the internet are mildly distressing unless I’m engaged in something really interesting, and even then in the back of my mind I know I’ll soon be reunited with all the glorious little distractions like email alerts from CNN telling me which soccer star snores and which friend has more eggs than the know what to do with in Farmville. It’s a form of addiction. I didn’t realize how insidious it had become until I read this NYT article this morning Reading it was a bit like walking into the post office and seeing your face on a wanted poster.

I’m meeting my bubbe (that’s Yiddish for grandmother, although she’s not really my grandmother, and I’m not Jewish, but this is New York City and…it’s a long story) for breakfast shortly and I’ve decided to venture forth without my Blackberry. I’m already feeling anxious. I might need a couple of strips of bacon in my coffee to help me cope, but I can do this.

  1. dadiceguy

    You arent alone in that. I have several friends that go into withdrawl with internet access. And when I am off work (like I am now) I have to watch myself not getting sucked into the WWW too much.


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