If I was a horse they’d shoot me twice

Instead of talking about the weather I thought I’d complain about some aches and pains from running. The current diagnosis for the pain in both my lower legs is something called Exertional Compartment Syndrome which means the muscle bundles are swelling/expanding more than the fascia (the tough, thin membrane that keeps the bundles together) can handle. This increased pressure creates pain, numbness, and a really pissed off demeanor which comes and goes with rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, and chocolate ice cream. I’ll be starting more physical therapy which I really hope works because if it doesn’t the next stop is surgery.

It’s very frustrating. All I want to do is run. I have a feeling Konowa is about to take the heads off a few rakkes tonight. Possibly using only his teeth.

  1. lugiaawakens

    Man, that bites. I really hope you’re able to avoid having surgery, because who knows what the recovery time for something like that would be – not to mention, the time until you would be able to run again.

    But either way, it’s good you had it checked out before it became worse. I hope for the best.

    • admin

      Thanks. I am still mobile, I just can’t run a lot without causing myself pain. Hopefully the physical therapy will do the trick.

  2. paulliver

    Try to think of it as a learning experience. You’ll be spending a lot of time with people who know a lot about the body. You can spend your time in therapy asking them questions about work out routines.

    • deve

      I’m afraid the only remedy is to stop running to the corner store to buy more chocolate ice cream…I always said exercise is bad for you (well me anyway!).


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