It’s alive! Welcome to my new website and early Halloween treat (no tricks required)

My new website design is now up and running! A huge thanks to Debbie of Little Cottage Design for all her efforts in creating it.

As a way to celebrate the official on sale date today of The Light Of Burning Shadows in premium mass market AND the launch of my new website design I worked with a terrific artist out of New Zealand, n00brevolution, to come up with a special thanks for everyone – free signed bookplates. And when I say free, I mean free. I truly appreciate all the readers who have joined the Iron Elves on their adventures and I’m honored to now have a chance to say thank you.

For anyone who wants one (or two), I will sign and mail bookplates (for free) anywhere in the world. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re stationed at a polar research station, a forward operating base, an institution of learning or correction, or whether you live around the block or over the hills and far away, if you’d like personalized signed bookplates to put in your copies of A Darkness Forged in Fire and The Light of Burning Shadows you got ‘em. As they say in the commercials, here’s how to order: email me direct at and include your complete mailing address. Let me know if you want one or two, and if you want them personalized, for example, To Gertrude, All the best, Chris. The bookplates are 3” x 5” so they’ll fit inside any edition you have although I wouldn’t suggest slapping one on your Kindle. They have an adhesive backing so when you get it you just peel and stick.

More updates and expansions to the website are coming so stay tuned.



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