109 years old and fresher than ever

So I went for a wander at lunch, looking less for inspiration and more for something to nibble on. In the course of my meanderings I ‘discovered’ Glaser’s Bake Shop on 87th and 1st Ave today. I put discovered in quotes because the place has been there 109 years. How cool is that? I’ll answer, very cool. The staff, Rita and Terri, were super friendly. The original architecture gives the place so much character I spent more time looking at that than the baked goods 🙂 You can check it out here: http://www.glasersbakeshop.com/

I’ll definitely be back, although now I’ll have to run and workout even more! If you live in NYC or are just visiting stop in and check it out, but make sure your gym membership is current before you do.

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