No, the earth didn’t stop spinning, that was just me buying my first Kindle

I honestly never thought I’d buy one. It’s not that I have anything against them because I don’t. I’m a huge supporter of anything that gets people to read. I think my lack of interest was more a case of my love of actual physical books. I grew up with them. I know them. They line the walls of my life like silent friends, or perhaps portals into other times and places, and each one is unique. I know there’s a degree of sentimentality attached to them, and I’m entirely OK with that. I like that I like books. It’s something I’m proud of, even if every time I move I pay a lot more to box and ship them all.

So I was surprised at myself when I ordered one. Truly, it’s the closest I’ve had to an out-of-body experience in quite some time. I’m still not entirely sure why I did. I’ve never been a bleeding-edge of technology kind of person, or even a camp follower. I only bought my first cell phone a few years ago, and I’ve had my current Blackberry going on three years. I have a few t-shirts still in rotation I wore in university!

If I had to pick one reason, I think it was the notion that I could carry all these books around with me. I always travel with books, and the extra weight in my carry-on is a burden I’ve shouldered with a certain quiet sanctimoniousness and an aching back for a long time. Now, I’ll have room for more snacks and a little humility.

This could be the start of a very interesting relationship.

  1. petwaitress

    Everyone I know who has one loves it. I’m kind of like you though I love books. Still it would be nice to read that 800 page book in bed without having to prop with a pillow.

    • admin

      I’m definitely not in the love category, but my rib cage feels much better with this resting on it than some of the history tomes I’ve propped there in the past.

  2. princejvstin

    I bought one last Friday, mainly to help reduce the space I have for books I don’t want to keep physical copies forever, and to help improve reading rate.

    Indeed, I am curious to see where my relationship with this thing will go

    • admin

      Let me know how it goes. I’ve yet to buy a book. So far I’m downloading research documents from my own computer and using it as a reading tool only.


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