First night at Balticon

Here at Balticon with Myke Cole chatting with Scott Sigler and Paolo Bacigalupi among others, like the police lieutenant providing security for the Con. Nice guy. Big guy. His stories are by far the best. Checked out the Green Room for authors and the like and it was well-stocked with all kinds of goodies. I think I know where I’ll be hanging out between panels.

I’m on a panel tomorrow about setting up endings of books to lead into the next one. Not quite sure what the thrust of this will be, but I’m game. I remember having several discussions with my editor about the cliff-hanger ending to the last book. We debated the pros and cons of it and ultimately I got to keep my cliff-hanger. As an author I enjoyed leaving it that way. As a reader I usually like them, too. I enjoy the anticipation of finding out what happens next. A tease is good as long as it eventually pays off with a strong reveal. I think a few of the reveals in the upcoming Ashes should fulfill that nicely.

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