Apple iTunes have my number!

For the longest time, I never ran or worked out with an iPod. A few months ago I found a little Nano that my parents had given me. I was about to drop it off at the Goodwill store, but decided to see if it worked. It did. Hmmm, says I. I went to the iTunes store and bought a couple of 69 cent songs just to try it out.

I’m hooked.

I checked the store this morning and downloaded 16 songs. I still enjoy running au natural, er, au audial (as in my ears are naked and wide open) but in the gym and on the subway the little Nano has become part of my attire.

I focused mostly on workout tunes today, and in no particular order here are a few of the gems I downloaded:

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

So What by Pink

Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot

Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill

The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

When I was out on Friday with Myke Cole and Peter Brett we were talking about writing and listening to music. Both of them can do it. I can’t. Even music without lyrics mucks up my thought process. On the other hand, when I workout music acts a force multiplier and I go Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

  1. newguydave

    Drinks with Peter and Myke sounds like a good time.

    As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, I have some songs from the Rocky soundtrack on my workout list, Burning Heart and Eye of the Tiger.

    I always run to music, except races. Though, recently I found that running without music allowed me to concentrate on my pace and the sound of my footfalls. I ran stronger without music, but still prefer to run with.

    As for writing, I can draft with music, but it has to be instrumental, usually classical. When revising, I need silence. Strange?

    NewGuyDave, a Winnipeger in CT

    • admin

      Eye of the Tiger is awesome. I think the cheesiest song on my playlist right now is Highway to the Dangerzone by Kenny Loggins. What can I say, sometimes I feel the need, the need for speed 🙂

      I have run with music and sometimes it works for me, but it can really mess up my pace, which is sort of what happens if I try to listen to music when I write. I suspect I’m one of those people that would very easily be turned into a chicken by a hypnotist.

      I tried classical, but whenever the music would swell to a crescendo it would just knock me out of the story, so I write with noise – fan, a/c, passing traffic etc.

      Did you see the new logo for the Winnipeg Jets? Very cool.



      • Anonymous

        At first glance, I wasn’t sure about it, but I can’t argue with the reasons for it: the red maple leaf, for Canada; the fighter jet, for 17 Wing RCAF; the plane pointing north, for True North, the owners; and the colors for the air force uniforms.

        Not sure why they went so military, but the meanings are pretty cool.

      • newguydave

        LJ logged me out, so ignore my anonymous post.

        Danger Zone, awesome. The Top Gun soundtrack has a few gems too. I went on an alternative rock hate-music binge for workout tunes for a while. Ontario’s Three Days Grace is always good for uplifting tunes.

        At first glance, I wasn’t sure about the Jets logo, but I can’t argue with the reasons for it: the red maple leaf, for Canada; the fighter jet, for 17 Wing RCAF; the plane pointing north, for owners True North. I suspect the colors have something to do with air force uniforms, or maybe to get away from the red, white, and blue. Not sure why the Jets went so military, but the meanings are pretty cool.

        Um, Should I ask if you’re a Leaf’s fan?


        • admin

          I love that they went with something patriotic and a bit militaristic. Canada has a long and proud military history so it’s really nice (and rare) to see it displayed prominently.

          Speaking of alt rock, I’m a big fan of the Hip, but if I tried to work out to them I’d probably end up depressed in a bar.

          I was a Leafs fan growing up, especially as I was born in Toronto. I still like them, but about the only hockey I watch now is during the Winter Olympics so I guess I still am a Leafs fan, it just went from blue to red 🙂


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