Hurricane update

Well, my weekend with Irene ended being more like a weekend at Bernie’s. My area of NYC got some rain and some wind and not much else. The toughest part of the whole thing was banging my head on a cupboard door while searching for extra bloody batteries. Still, I know there are millions without power, and there has been flooding and damage in other areas so I feel incredibly fortunate a little wind and rain is all I had to deal with.

Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes! Clearly, they worked.

Now I’m off to the grocery store to return 35 gallons of bottled water and a forklift’s worth of Twinkies.

  1. lanyn

    Whew, glad it didn’t cause more damage or chaos! Looks like my flight to JFK even got reinstated by Jet Blue. The flight to Rochester is canceled, but at least I can get the first leg out there done. Then I get to be stuck at JFK for who knows how many hours.


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