To paraphrase Bender from Futurama, “Congress can bite my shiny metal butt!”

Why? Well thank you for asking, or at least reading my question. I’ll tell you why. My uber agent, Don Maass, my brilliant editor, Ed Schlesinger, and the awesome and incredibly supportive Gallery/Pocket Deputy Publisher Anthony Ziccardi, also known as my friend, have done what Congress couldn’t and made a deal that has everyone happy and working. I am, though there are no smores (I always thought they were called schmores) in sight, a happy camper 🙂

There will be many more details to come over the next weeks and months, but for now I can tell you that my next book will be a fantasy with a strong military component (big surprise, right) but it won’t be in the Iron Elves world, and it won’t be using a Napoleonic time frame.

In the meantime, cool stuff is in the works for the Iron Elves. More to come…

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