Is this how Neil Armstrong felt setting foot on the moon?

I don’t want to say how long it took me, or how many expletives were used, or air molecules punched, but despite the tantrums I finally managed to figure out how to transfer files from my computer to my Kindle. The joy and relief is almost org- er, really very nice 🙂 There were points where I considered studying the aerodynamic properties of my Kindle, but I found my center, took a few breaths, nibbled on some Ben & Jerry’s FroYo ice cream/yogurt and persevered.

Maybe next I’ll try to figure out how to stop all the sp@m comments deluging my blog.

Actually, I am going to the gym to work off some of this energy (and ice cream).  And I’m taking my Kindle with me as I’ll sit on a bike and spin and read. Not sure I’ll listen to my Nano pod, too, at least, not if I want to retain anything I read and Not fall off the bike.

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