Terra Nova thoughts (with spoilers)

I’m intrigued and will watch again, but I’m also wary, very wary. Despite what appears to be massive firepower the military component weren’t able to kill a single dino. At best they slightly annoyed them. Not sure what the reasoning is for having such ineffective weapons, but it made this world feel significantly safer and softer than it first appeared, which I think is a shame. It’s as if they started out going for something gritty and then had to PG it for kids, or groups that sit and watch television so they can complain about the effect it has on kids.

I’m also not prepared to buy into all the intrigue that’s already flourishing. Perhaps it’s my expectations, but I was hoping for a little more original Star Trek in the sense of exploring a new world and dealing with its organic dangers and not immediately being plunged into machinations within machinations. It’s like they didn’t trust themselves and the audience to just explore before starting up with all the same mystery within a mystery games.

I get teenage rebellion (having tried it) but I don’t think even I would have been stupid enough to set up a party cove in the middle of carnivorous dino land. I remember feeling immortal, but a few of my more sensible brain cells kept me from jumping the fence to play with the lion at the zoo. Not these kids though. They look straight out of Disney casting (paging Hannah Montana for a cameo) yet romp in the jungle like it’s no big thing. Even a dino chewing on your foot turns out to need no more than a couple of bandaids and a “gee, gosh, guess we know why they call them slashers now.” Really, slashers? In the future past you can’t come up with better names than that? Actually, gnawers would have been more accurate and still really stupid.

Hmm, I sound rather harsh here, and I did get some enjoyment out of the show, but I kept hoping for something edgier. I wanted sharp corners, but kept coming up against fluffy pillow resolutions.

So, I’m wary.

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