Back to NY ComicCon for more fun and cosplay (and signing)

I like to think I wear the same costume every year – single, cute, funny fantasy author. Not sure everybody gets it. Maybe I need a graphic novel 🙂

Had a lot of fun yesterday. In no particular order I bumped into Anne Groel (George RR Martin’s editor), Anthony Ziccardi (Deputy Publisher at Gallery Books/S&S), Peter V. Brett, author of the Warded Man series, Rita of Glaser’s bakery (best bakery in New York City), her husband and his daughter (and I’m kicking myself for not remembering their names at the moment!) Thalia, a recent Columbia grad looking to break into the publishing business, Myke Cole, author of the forthcoming Shadow Ops series, Ed Schlesinger, my editor at Gallery, Julia, Ed’s assistant, and Parisa,  Betsy Mitchell of Del Rey, Sarah, currently attending Seaton Hall and a big Walking Dead fan, Josh and Carl of Premier Collectibles where I’ll be signing today at 2pm, Jay Franco, formerly of the Book Club and now at DK, SueMoe, formerly of Del Rey, dressed as Darth Vader, Quail Man, three Wonder Women, a slew of zombies, anime and manga characters that I have absolutely no idea who or what they were, and a woman who looked like a smurf but turned out to not be a smurf.

I also learned that I don’t have a clue about online gaming. A kid started talking to me about World of Warcraft and honestly, he might as well have been talking Latin for all I understood. For some odd reason I felt the urge to yell at him to get off my lawn.


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