I’ll be signing (and wandering) at New York Comic Con in two weeks

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there. It’s not as big as San Diego, yet, but every year the New York Con gets bigger and better. I don’t have the exact time yet, but I will be there Friday and signing Saturday, although if you see me Friday I’ll sign anything you want, heck, even if they’re not my books 🙂 I know my publisher has some promotional stuff in mind for the show as well.

In somewhat ComicCon related news, I finally watched Thor. I don’t remember much of the actual comic book so I only had the movie to go by, that and my limited knowledge of Norse mythology. I went into looking to be entertained, and in that regard it succeeded. At the same time I don’t know that I’d be lining up to see Thor 2. The whole thing felt light to me, which is fine, but it didn’t completely gel with the movie’s visual tone…and I’m probably sounding like an artsy-farsty critic at this point. It was a popcorn-first date kind of fun movie if you like watching things blow up, sort of Transformers with fewer robots.

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