More chances to win the entire series plus a live Twitter chat and signing at NY Comic Con

I’ll be doing a live chat on Twitter on October 13th from 12pm to 4pm EST at @simonschuster hashtag #NYCC. This is my first one so I’m still not 100% on how it works. I think that if you log in to Twitter and follow @simonschuster you’ll be able to send me questions and I can reply back…or something like that. Not sure if it matters (or helps) but my Twitter handle is @CEvans_Author

Assuming I survive that, I’ll be at New York Comic Con Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th. There will be an official signing on Saturday, but unofficially I’ll be signing all weekend. The location will be right across from the Simon & Schuster booth. If you get there and don’t see me, just ask for my editor, Ed Schlesinger, and he’ll track me down.

In the contest department, I found another new one, this time at (and yes, US residents only)

And here are the others: (US residents only) (Open to US residents only) (Open to US residents only)

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