More manga brush pens arrived and thoughts on The Walking Dead herd

I’m limiting my television watching to a few very select shows (The Walking Dead, Terra Nova – although I’m still on the fence on this one, a couple of comedies and a documentary here and there) and focusing on getting my drawing skills up a level or two. I’ve always loved to sketch, but never really focused on it for any length of time. I’ve only just started using the brush pens so I have a learning curve ahead of me, but it’s enjoyable.

Oh, speaking of the Walking Dead, the herd shuffling by was one of the scariest scenes I’ve seen in a long time, and it happened in broad daylight. That’s impressive story telling. I think it was the juxtaposition of such horror in the middle of the day that made it work so well. Had they filmed it at night I don’t think it would have had the same power. The premier did have some lulls, but I’m definitely invested in it.

Anyway, as my drawing/painting skills hopefully improve I’ll bite the bullet and post a few of my attempts. Tonight I took a stab at Rallie’s quill, although one more colorful than she uses.

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