The penultimate day of the tour update

Resting comfortably in a rather dark and spooky campground in a pine forest in Georgia. Traveled from Shepardsville, KY and made it a little north of Marietta, GA. The tooth seems to be responding to the antibiotics and the Vicodin is taking care of most of the pain. As far as I can tell the purple unicorn that’s been galloping beside the RV is just heading south like the rest of the herd.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be heading for Savannah which is where the Fellowship of the RV Tour breaks up. My folks will continue on to their winter nesting grounds in Florida while I will take the not exactly midnight train from Georgia back to NYC. It’s been a terrific trip. I got a chance to retrace a lot of familiar ground in southern Ontario and visit new places in the states. And of course, I’ve been able to spend time with my parents. I’ve learned a lot. For example, I know have a pretty good idea of the various medications I’ll be taking when I get older.

The photo is from a rest stop in Tennessee. I saw the blue star and read that it was dedicated to the Armed Forces and I thought of the blue star and the Iron Elves in The Light of Burning Shadows so it seemed like a little more serendipity at work.

In front of Murfreesboro BAM with RV

Had a great visit at this store (see photo of me leaning all cool like against the truck). Bianca, the store manager, is also a sci fi fantasy person. She’s even met Isaac Asimov. Very cool to talk to. Highly recommend this store if you ever find yourself in Tennessee.

A misty Nashville, TN


I think had just taken a Vicodin before I took this photo

I remember seeing dinosaurs earlier, but I think that was a park.

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