If you come upon a dragon at a fork in the road, wearing clean underwear no longer matters

I’m curious where you come down on the physiology of dragons. Reptile, mammal, or unique in their dragoness? Sentient, like Smaug in the Hobbit, Naomi Novik’s dragons in her Temeraire series, Anne McCaffery’s dragons in her Pern series, Eragon by Christopher Paolini,  or simply animals? Magical (see above) or not? Fire breathing or not? Over used or under-utilized? Are dragons always scaled (which suggests a reptilian heritage)?

Dragons live and breathe in the new world I’m creating for my next novel. I’m currently developing them and am elbow deep in their innards working out what makes them tick. As a result, I’ve been reading up on the thermal properties of a lot of materials, studying flight characteristics, and otherwise becoming very curious about where dragons currently roost in today’s fantasy.

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